Madrid, 2 de diciembre 2021.- El Almendro, returns with the spot “Vuelve a casa por Navidad”, one of the most emblematic and expected announcements of these dates.

El Almendro returns, and does so with more force, to thrill the viewer with a close and special story. Introducing themselves into homes in a different way than they have been accustomed to for decades, to show what happens in the privacy of homes, after the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

This year’s novelty features Lolita Flores and her sons Elena and Guillermo Furiase, who, along with some relatives, interpret and represent these moments of intimacy and, between songs and laughter, cover the traditional jingle “Vuelve a casa por Navidad”. “We have worked very well with El Almendro. It has been magical to be able to relive those moments of songs, laughter, affection and emotion, so characteristic in our way of living Christmas” declares Lolita Flores. Thanks to this song, El Almendro celebrates with optimism the return of its emblematic announcement, evoking the Christmas moments of emotion and joy, which we could not live and enjoy last Christmas.

The Almond Tree “returns every Christmas” to the homes of the spectators, on this occasion, it evolves its tone of communication, transmitting that “returning home” is also the joy of enjoying and living the moment, it is sharing and enjoying our loved ones.

“This Christmas we have a lot to celebrate. We celebrate that we are coming back. In El Almendro we continue to bet on our Christmas spot to vindicate our values, emotion, meeting and enjoyment with “ours” in these holidays so marked, “says Francisco Rodríguez general director of the Brand Business Unit at Delaviuda Confectionery Group.

Last year, the brand decided not to issue its traditional ad, in line with the pandemic situation. An unprecedented decision for a brand that had never failed its Christmas appointment for 40 years.

On this occasion, the spot has been made by the hand of the independent agency &Rosàs.


View the spot.