What today is known as Delaviuda Confectionery Group comes from a history of effort and improvement starting in 1927 when Manuel López and María Rojas opened a small confectionery shop in the town of Sonseca (Toledo).

In 1939 Dª María becomes widowed with two children, and takes over the family business. Her sacrifice and tenacity not only makes the confectionery move forward, but also makes it increasingly popular. It is the customers who slowly create the brand when they speak about the excellence of the widow’s (in Spanish, “de la viuda”) sweets.


Later, her son Alfredo, current president of the company, takes over the management of the business and with effort, dedication and entrepreneurial vision transforms a traditional confectionery business into an industry of production and marketing of a variety of traditional confectionery products with the opening, in the late 70’s, of the plant in Sonseca which, after successive enlargements and technological renovations, is at the forefront of the sector.

Parallel to its industrial development, in 1996 Delaviuda Alimentación acquires “Monerris Planelles” and “El Almendro”, both leaders in the turron industry, integrating within the company all of their industrial assets and employees, thus becoming the leading company in the Christmas confectionery sector, grouping together three of the most well known and appreciated brands.

The turn of the new century brought with it the commitment to the diversification and international growth of the Group. In 2009 it acquires Artenay Bars, SAS, the leader company in France in the development and distribution of muesli and cereal bars, which transforms Delaviuda into a multinational corporate group. In 2010, the development and enhancement of chocolate confectionery processes starts, which allows it to position itself as a leader in the sector, in fierce competition with the international brands which have traditionally led the market. In 2013, the Group adopts the name Delaviuda Confectionery Group incorporating a corporate slogan: “Making the world a sweeter place.”

Today, with the third generation of the López Rojas family managing the Group, the company maintains, with the enthusiasm of the first day, a clear mission and some ambitious goals: to continue to internationalize their products and turn all of its brands into sector leaders.