El Almendro, the reference brand of nougats, returns with a Christmas classic, the campaign “Return home for Christmas”, one of the most anticipated advertisements of these dates. The new Christmas spot is again addressed to all those people who live far from home with the already recognized and emotional jingle of “Come home for Christmas”.

The reunion and return home for Christmas remains the positioning of the brand that, on this occasion, links with the new ways of consuming nougat. Each one has its own way of meeting for Christmas and, with this campaign, El Almendro is positioned as the reference brand to celebrate how we want it, where we want and with whom we want.

This new approach to modernity and innovation of the brand has also been working on the launches of the last two years, resulting in new products such as Los Palitos and bites of El Almendro, a novel way to enjoy nougat, according to the new tastes and trends of current consumers.

According to Francisco Rodríguez, General Manager of the Brand Business Unit. “Like every Christmas, El Almendro continues to bet on its Christmas spot to claim the values of the brand to meet and enjoy with yours these such marked festivities. We are aware that the ways of celebrating Christmas are increasingly disparate of each other and we want to adapt to each and every one of them. The Bites and Nougat Sticks arise from the need to adapt to the new ways of consuming the long-awaited Christmas sweet.

The announcement of El Almendro is signed by the independent agency &Ross, which has prepared spots of 25” and 10” for television and another of 15” for YouTube. Apart from the broadcast of the spot on television and in cinemas in Madrid and Barcelona, a campaign in radio and online will also be carried out. El Almendro Almendro, in collaboration with the “Andayeros por el Mundo” program of the Top 40, is carrying out a campaign to bring a listener from the show to come home for Christmas.