El Almendro expands its offer of nut bars!

El Almendro is growing in this market by incorporating two new flavors to its range of nut bars: Almond and Protein Bar and Almond and Fruit Bar.

The Almond and Protein Bar is made with crispy almonds and pumpkin pipes, which together with a vegetable protein and a 70% dark chocolate makes it a unique and special flavor. For its part, the Almond and Fruit Bar is made with almonds and fruits such as apricot, blue and red arándonos and coconut.

Based on our expertise in almonds, El Almendro has managed to position itself as a leading manufacturer within the nut segment, capitalizing on a trend of more natural products. The high content of almonds and other nuts are the differential value of their products. Consumers are increasingly betting on proposals that balance the attributes of indulgence, convenience and health, and these are the main characteristics of the brand’s nut bars.