Madrid, 14th of october, 2020.-Delaviuda, a brand belonging to Delaviuda Confectionery Group, returns this Christmas to bet on innovation with new varieties in its range of Sticks and Panettones.

The brand strengthens its range of Sticks to grow in the chocolate specialty segment. In this campaign, Delaviuda, bets on two new proposals inspired by the world of desserts that, together with the existing flavors, satisfy the tastes of all consumers. These two new varieties will not leave anyone indifferent, not only because of their flavor, but also because of the great visual appeal provided by their two chocolates.

Cheescake Sticks are a perfect proposition for the most daring and sweet consumers. Its layer of white chocolate and its layer of pink chocolate (the new fourth chocolate), together with its delicious raspberry, move the palates to the flavor of the popular New York dessert.

In other hand, Tiramisu Sticks with their layer of white chocolate and their layer of milk chocolate, along with their crispy coffee are an irresistible proposition for lovers of this dessert.

Delaviuda Sticks, in their 120 grams case, are designed to be able to share and bring the product closer to a younger audience, looking for new experiences.  In addition, they are perfect to enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

These releases arrive to complete a range that already has six varieties: Hazelnut, Almonds, Caramel, Chocolate 70%, Cheesecake and Tiramisu.

In addition, Delaviuda is committed to continuing market trends and completes, as well, his Panettones family with the addition of the new Panettone of Intense Chocolate. With more tender and soft texture, cocoa, and its chocolate nuggets inside, give this Panettone a great chocolate flavor. Perfect to share at all times, from a breakfast or snack to a celebration with family or friends.

This new variety, is presented in cases of 500 grams, following the same format that already presented the Classic Panettone with fruits and Panettone with Chocolate.

Finally, the brand renews and strengthens the image of its range of porks that will help the consumer continue to enjoy the usual flavors, in the most convenient way.

” We want to continue to accompany our consumers in the special moments of celebration. This year, we put all our illusion and effort back into surprising them with new proposals that will strengthen our most innovative ranges to continue generating unique consumer experiences during the most noted dates.” says Francisco Rodríguez Flores, General Manager of Brands of Delaviuda Confectionery Group.