The increase of the stake in the manufacturer of cereal bars is part of the strategy of product diversification and international expansion of the Group.

Artenay Bars produces 10,000 tons of cereal bars and crunchy muesli every year for the biggest distributors in Europe.

With over 100 years of experience in the food industry, the Spanish group Delaviuda Confectionary Group, industry leader in turrón, marzipan and chocolates in Spain, has increased to 82% its stake in French company Artenay Bars, SAS, which specializes in the production of cereal bars and crunchy muesli.

With this acquisition, Delaviuda CG strengthens its commitment to diversification, with the goal of reducing the impact of seasonal consumption and increasing the activity in the international market. The Group is currently present in over 70 countries, in addition to taking part in major trade fairs worldwide.

The increase in the stake in Artenay Bars, SAS is another step in the process started in 2009, when Delaviuda CG acquired 50% of the French company.

Artenay Bars, SAS is a company based in the French town of the same name, producing cereal bars and crunchy muesli for the main European distribution companies.

With over 16,500 tons of production capacity, Artenay Bars has 5 production lines distributed between France and Spain, aimed at the manufacture of all varieties of cereal bars (energy bars, bars for children, bars with nutrition profiles adapted to the needs of consumers…) and crunchy muesli. 

Reaching a yearly production of 10,000 tons of cereal bars and crunchy muesli, Artenay Bars, SAS has revenue of approximately 38 million euros, employing an average of 130 people. The segment of cereal bars and crunchy muesli accounts for 38.8% of the total production of the Group.

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